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We sell a wide range of masks, fins and snorkels to suit those that go snorkeling, diving or spearfishing regularly as well as those of you that just want a reasonably priced, good quality mask that seals well and is comfortable to wear and a snorkel to use a few times a year either in this country or abroad. All the masks that we sell at Ocean Sports have silicone skirts, straps and tempered safety glass lenses. We can arrange for optical lenses to be fitted into our masks, just let us know your prescription and we will organise it. All our snorkels have a silicone mouthpiece for comfort and durability.

A mask should be comfortable to wear and most importantly seal well. When trying a mask on, the best way to test for a good air tight seal is to:- Put mask up to your face with one hand keeping both your hair and the strap out of the way (put the strap in front of the mask lens) and breath in through your nose. Hopefully the mask should 'suck' onto your face and if you cannot hear or feel air comming into the mask, then it is air tight so it should be water tight. Breath-out to break the mask seal away from your face while holding the mask. Remember if you have any hair caught between your face and the mask skirt the seal will be brocken and air/water may enter into the mask. If you have a 'tash' either shave it or smear it in vasaline to help keep a seal or if you still have problems and do not want to shave/use vasaline then consider a mask with a purge valve in the nose, allowing you to exhale the water by breathing out through your nose.

If you are diving you should just go for a standard snorkel however for snorkelers and spearfishermen we would reccomend a snorkel with a purge valve in as they make clearing the snorkel easier. To reduce water ingress you can have snorkels with splash guards or even dry snorkels that restrict virtually all water ingress.

Fins are either full foot or with a adjustable strap back. Full foot fins are great for those that are not going to share them or no longer have growing feet. Adjustable strap fins unless for diving use are generally shorter fins (ideal to go in a suitcase) which cover about 4 shoe sizes (great for kids). Our Typhoon T-Jet fins have a shoft foot pocket which does not rub or cut into the skin. If you are into spearfishing or free-diving then longer bladed fins are best giving more propulsion for less effort or split fins are the latest design although there are mixed reports on which type of fins are best (split or fixed) although as the price of fins increases along with the design/material it is more down to personal preferance. Also bear in mind if you are going to have bare feet, neo socks or boots as full foot fins will not take boots and you need about 2 sizes bigger if you wear socks.

Top Tip: Snorkeling is not a race! the idea is to gently fin about the top of the water diving down occasionaly if you want to look at something closer. If you try finning fast, all that you will do is force the snorkel backwards and thereby allow water to enter the snorkel tube 'great'!

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