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We carry a range of kayaks, sit-on-Tops, canoes, inflatables kayaks and surf skis from Dagger, Mad River, Palm, Islander, Wilderness Systems, Infinity and Tek Sport along with all the accessories and apparel that go to help you make the best out of your time on the water.

Palm are a well know UK manufacturer of the very popular and well regarded Dagger range of Kayaks producing over 30 different types of kayaks each aimed at a particular type of water to play in, with styles from FREESTYLE KAYAKS - CREEK KAYAKS -RIVER KAYAKS - ACTION KAYAKS - LEGEND KAYAKS - KIDS KAYAKS - TOURING KAYAKS - RECREATION KAYAKS and CLUB KAYAKS. Palm even produce a 100% recycled KAYAK to go along with their enviromental aims to protect the planet and enviroment in which they enjoy their sport. If you are looking for a SEA KAYAK then DAGGER have over 12 different types from the EXODUS to the BLACKWATER with many inbetween.

One of the best known names in Kayaking from America is the WILDERNESS SYSTEMS of KAYAKS. They produce COMPOSITE KAYAKS - PERFORMANCE TOURING KAYAKS - DAY TOURING KAYAKS - RECREATIONAL KAYAKS - SIT-ON TOP KAYAKS and ANGLING KAYAKS. The WILDERNESS SYSTEMS SIT ON TOP ANGLING KAYAKS are very popular with the TARPON 120 ANGLER keenly priced and great to use off the beach or along a river.

The ISLANDER SIT-ON-TOPS continue to offer great performance, style, design and price with the PARADISE 1 and PARADISE 2 being our most popular along with the STRIKE ANGLER for those that plan to spend the day fishing on the water. New for this year are the CALYPSO BEACH AND CALYPSO SPORT both of which are keenly priced with the CALYPSO SPORT aimed at the SEA ANGLER.

MAD RIVER CANOES have a good reputation for both build and style. With 11 different designs they cater for everyone wheather its a TOURING CANOE, RIVER CANOE or RECREATIONAL CANOE that can take either 1 person or a family.

For those who have a problem with storage or transportation of a KAYAK, INFINITY KAYAKS & SEVYLOR KAYAKS & SIT-ONS are the answer. These infatable kayaks are very durable and can take 1, 2 or 3 persons. When dried and deflated they pack away into a very compact bag.

TEK SPORT kAYAKS have a range of KAYAKS and SIT-ON-TOPS to suit most family's and are well built to withstand being dragged up and down the beach.

With over 200 types, styles and colours of KAYAKS we, along with the manufacturer, only keep stock of the ones we find most popular or the ones that are pre-ordered :- but we can order any that are required, although when demand is high, there may be a delay due to the time frame in the manufacturing process. We therfore reccomend that if you are going to purchase a kAYAK don't leave it until the last minute. You can even order your KAYAKS in advance, with the payment of a deposit, if you know what you would like and don't want to be disappointed. Another factor to consider when purchasing a KAYAK, CANOE or SIT-ON-TOP is the cost of carriage, so we reccomend that if posible, customers collect their KAYAKS themselves which not only keeps the cost down but also reduces any chance of damage that may be caused by the carrier (they are wrapped in bubble wrap but size, weight and bulk mean that carriers don't like moving them with care!).

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